About Igor Kononenko

As well as his business and political interests, Igor Kononenko served his country both in charitable endeavors and his commitment to its protection, serving in the Soviet Army for two years.

As well, in 2015 he received the Honorary Weapon – Fort-21.02 pistol with 15 Bullets Award.

He has a keen interest in sports-related endeavors, being a co-owner and founder of the 5th Element Sports Club, ranked as one of the five largest and best fitness clubs in Europe.

Ihor Vitaliiovych Kononenko is also Honorary President of the All-Ukrainian Sports Bowling Federation.

Married to Liliya Kononenko, the couple has two daughters and one son. Igor Kononenko has an Honors degree in Economics and Management in Transport from Kiev Automobile and Highway Institute.

Kononenko writes articles at Medium and Thrive Global.
His articles can also be found on News Break.
You can also find him on F6S.